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New Student Orientation

To build a foundation for a student’s success, each student is expected to work through a non-credit orientation before beginning the first course. Robert Cavelier University views the information provided in the orientation to be critical to the student, and therefore, completion of the orientation is required.

The orientation provides the student with details on how to navigate the site, introduces available tools and resources, covers important student policies, reviews writing guidelines, and identifies where students should go for assistance during their studies.  If during a course, a student is not showing familiarity with the information provided in the orientation, he or she may be asked to repeat the orientation by a facility or staff member. The orientation can be found in the Learning Portal.

Change of Contact Information

It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that their contact information is both current and accurate. If, during their enrollment at Robert Cavelier University, a student’s address, phone number, and/or email address changes, the student should update his/her contact information immediately in the Student Portal.

If a student’s name changes (ex: marriage, etc.), the student must contact Robert Cavelier University to make an update to the student’s account. Proof of the name change must be provided by the student.

Graduation Ceremony

Robert Cavelier University honors the achievements of all graduates through a virtual graduation ceremony. The virtual graduation ceremony includes a commencement speech after which the names of the graduates are read. At this time, graduates are invited to share a little about themselves and what their accomplishment means to them moving forward. Robert Cavelier faculty and staff attend the virtual ceremony, along with the graduates themselves and any current students who desire to attend.  Students are to ensure that all financial obligations are paid in full before graduation.

Academic Guidance and Advising

Academic Guidance is considered a fundamental tool at Robert Cavelier University. The university encourages all students to participate in advising, which is conducted via Skype, as it can improve the student experience.

The university has Student Supportive faculty members who work with students to help Student Support the student’s success. An Academic Advisor is assigned to each student upon enrollment to provide students with an initial point of contact for academic considerations and concerns. Students can speak to their advisors about their academic pathway, which electives are most appropriate, as well as clarification on the university’s policies and procedures.