About Our University

Robert Cavelier University (RCU) was established in New Orleans, Louisiana in August 2021, as a 100% online degree-granting institution.
RCU identified a need for accessible, affordable degrees that also meet the highest levels of regulatory scrutiny. Thus, the idea for establishing RCU as a US-based distance education institution was born.
With this goal met, RCU now seeks to educate students and obtain high levels of student satisfaction and strong student learning outcome achievement, with the Student Support of well-qualified faculty who are empowered to help students to achieve success.  

Our Mission

Robert Cavelier University is a higher education institution dedicated to providing high-quality, readily accessible, and affordable fully online learning education. Our graduate-level curriculum is intended to enrich students’ skills and knowledge by expanding their strategic horizon to encompass the nature and complexity of the challenges facing businesses today. This globally relevant perspective is intended to prepare students to enhance or advance their career or facilitate a career change. At all times, RCU is committed to innovation and to providing industry-relevant scholarship, student-centered service, and effective support.

Master of Business
Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program explores the crucial knowledge and skills required for professionals in business, economics, finance, marketing, and other fields. The focus is on theoretical understandings and their practical application in the workplace that meets the needs of professionals in a rapidly changing business and management landscape.  The program offers an in-depth examination of current thinking, theories, models, issues, and practices that contribute to the transformation of business and management organizations