Appeals & Re-admittance


Within ten (10) days of receiving notification of probation, suspension, or dismissal (academic or non-academic) from Robert Cavelier University, the student may file a written appeal to the Chief Academic Officer. The Chief Academic Officer will decide on the appeal and notify the student of the decision within ten (10) days.

If the appeal is denied, or if the Chief Academic Officer does not respond within ten (10) days after receiving the appeal, the student may appeal directly to the CEO. The President shall render a final decision within ten (10) days of the receipt of the appeal.


A student who has withdrawn from Robert Cavelier University or who has been dismissed must reapply to Robert Cavelier University with a new application and go through the admissions evaluation process to enroll. The requirements for the program in effect at the time of the new enrollment will apply.

Robert Cavelier University will consider past academic records, remedial work that was done subsequently, and other extenuating circumstances when evaluating re-admission. Any applicant who was previously academically dismissed may, at the discretion of the Chief Academic Officer, be readmitted on probation status. The probation status will extend through one evaluation period (one course). If there are no academic or non-academic violations during the probation period, the student will be returned to good standing. If there is a subsequent violation during the probation period, the student will be terminated and barred from future enrollment at Robert Cavelier University for a period of not less than three (3) years.